Kelly Week 12 PLN

I have found yet another source for (free) web 2.0 tools for classroom use.  Teacher Rebootcamp is actually another edublog and the author, Shelley Sanchez Terrell, has included a cool feature: a mentormob learning playlist. There is a horizontal scroll of screenshots from the various apps she has tested and recommended, and from there readers can click to explore. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Kelly. I have been working on creating digital stories with my first graders over the past two weeks. We have tried out a few platforms, but none of them have been ‘just right’. I have been looking for a way for the students to create the picture and record their story (as typing is a challenge at this age). I want the entire digital story to be their experience and creation(my kiddos are so excited about it). These resources look wonderful and I will be checking them out! Thanks again!

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